Line of trees on frosty winter morning

Whether it be the knowledge and expertise of planting instant hedging, pleached trees or creating a maze on your event, our team has been carrying out many projects over the years, all with the specific details.

InstaHedge Carved By Our Family Tree

winners of the uk grower awards

Which is why here at Hedgeforce we can not only provide a created product, but the knowledge and understanding which goes with it to make your product a success.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should work with us

  • Many types of instant hedging solutions available from 1 to 6m+ high
  • Self-planting and professional options available nationwide
  • 1500m+ of hedging rental at any one time, 100’s of trees and topiary all off shapes and sizes for any event or location
  • We operate 365 days a year 24/7 to offer you an installation that fits with you
  • All shapes and size of maze concepts created, giving you the best result for your project

With all our trees and hedging the environment plays a massive factor in how we operate both at home and onsite, from the water we use, the feed we give our plants, the energy we use and the CO2 impact we create. 


We try to keep this as low as possible not just for our own footprint, but the carbon footprint on your event, this is why we take account of how we operate and create an environmental impact to always strive to be cleaner and reduce our carbon impact on the environment.