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Topiary can be used in the most wonderful ways to create that feature point within a garden, bringing it all together with something unique.


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Create Garden Features With Topiary

All shapes and sizes for your feature piece

We have exceptional topiary trees that come in a range of shapes and sizes.

These are just a few examples of what we can offer from cones, balls, lolly pops and many more, in a full range of sizes.

We can also offer other topiary forms such as cloud trees, feature pieces and many more available in Box, Yew and many more, to find you the most suitable option please contact us directly.

  • Feature shapes
  • Centrepiece
  • Entranceway pieces
  • Formal gardens
  • Knot gardens
  • Pieces for containers

Topiary Gallery

Discover a range of beautiful Topiary shapes, in a range of sizes and types to give your garden that beautiful feature when installed.

We work with a range of nurseries to bring you the best plants, hedging and trees on the market in terms of quality, health and cost.

If you are looking for a temporary solution for an event or party, why not look at how our other services can be of help to you, creating real topiary and are ideal for screening off areas.

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When To Clip?

Trim annually in early or late summer to keep specimen in shape. Faster growing species may need to be trimmed twice or more each season.