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RentaHedge supplies topiary and tree rental services to create the special finishing touches to take your event to the next aesthetic level, such as our topiary tree sculptures. Our ambition is to supply events across the UK with exciting extra features to offer guests and visitors with memorable event experiences. Our topiary tree sculptures can be used for entrances, end of a hedge screening or to add in as an effective feature. We have a variety of charming shapes, sizes and styles available.


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Beautiful Large Topiary & Trees

Unique shapes and Size to suit your event

To inject yet more magic, add some dramatic and charming effect to your hedge rental by means of our ornamental trees and shrubs. We have exceptional topiary trees that come in a range of shapes and sizes. From cones, balls, lollypops and many more, in a range of sizes. We can also offer other topiary forms such as cloud trees, feature pieces and many more shapes and sizes to work with your event. Our range of topiary trees can bring the wow factor to any event, big or small. They add a dash of sophistication to our instant hedging or mazes and complete the full package.

If we don’t have the shapes you want, or you have a different image in your head, then why not give us a call and talk with us directly? We are always open to discussion, and we are continually expanding our topiary range to ensure we provide topiary features to match everyone’s tastes and event requirements.

  • Large cones
  • Egyptian pyramids
  • Beautiful beehives
  • Semi-mature trees
  • Specimen archways
  • Unique trees

Topiary & Trees Gallery

Discover a range of beautiful temporary instant hedges, in a range of sizes and types to give your event and venue that instant green result when installed.

We work with a range of nurseries to bring you the best plants, hedging and trees on the market in terms of quality, health and cost.

If you are looking for a temporary solution for an event or party, why not look at how our other services can be of help to you, creating real topiary and trees and are ideal for screening off areas.

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Well I Never?

Aesthetic Gardening for pleasure, rather than food or medicine, dates back to ancient Egypt – where images show ornamental plants.