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Instant Hedges
Discover our range of beautiful pre grown instant hedges, in a range of sizes and types to give your garden that instant green result when installed.


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Convenience Hedging & High Screening

High screening to gain garden privacy

We have a range of Pleached Hornbeam, Beech, Lime and London Plane, to name but a few. These are beautiful trees that are trained on a tiered frame, with different girth sizes to give you, from young trees which are all ready to grow on the new frame or ones that are already full, the choice is yours.

The options are endless and with a range of newly made pleached trees we can work to your requirements and give you the exact specification to suit the height of your wall and create what you are looking for.

There are also more mature options available which are in more standard popular sizes to give you pleached trees that have had time time to mature on the frames to give you 100% coverage, taking out the waiting.

Espalier trees are a great way to create something extra in your garden, with the low narrow frames, these are perfect for planting up against walls or fences, even around vegetable gardens. Not only do they look great and cover up walls or give shelter to the garden as a wind break, but Espalier Trees can also produce fruit, such as apples, pears and plums.

This compact narrow way of growing can give so much to your garden, in terms of colour, flower, shelter or bearing fruits. The choice is wide, and it may be the solution you are looking for that low, but interesting screening solution.

  • Pleached Trees For High Screening
  • Espalier trees for features
  • High screen above fence lines
  • Wide flat screening where space is tight
  • Evergreen or semi-deciduous options
  • Newly made or pre-grow options

Pleached Trees & Espalier Trees Gallery

Discover a range of beautiful pleached and espalier trees, in a range of sizes and types to give your garden that instant privacy or high screening result when installed.

We work with a range of nurseries to bring you the best plants, hedging and trees on the market in terms of quality, health and cost.

If you are looking for a temporary solution for an event or party, why not look at how our other services can be of help to you, creating real pleached and espalier trees and are ideal for screening off areas.

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Don't Block The Light Out...

Pleached Hornbeam is a perfect option, giving you excellent coverage without throwing you completely into darkness.