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Service is just as important to us as the product. This is why we offer a range of services and is at the heart of our Hedgeforce, creating amazing spaces both permanent and temporary.


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Here are just some of the various services we are able to offer

  • Full planting installations for your hedging and trees
  • Deliveries off all sizes, kerbside to forklifting it off you
  • Design and layout of your maze to create something that is right for your event
  • An extensive range of various, hedging, trees and topiary for your event
  • Standard or bespoke made planters and finishes

Every effort is put into delivering you the best result for your installation or project, working closely with you leading up, during and after to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

We also can carry out maintenance of your hedging on site after planting or during your event, this can range from watering, clipping, feeding or a general tidy up. With all our own equipment and long-term partners Sanderson Transport, we have expert handling knowledge on site.

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