massive maze with wooden platform

Hedge Maze Rentals – Creating a-MAZE-ing spaces

Welcome to RentaMaze where we bring you a range of unique, fully living hedge mazes which can be recreated at any location both inside and outside. Whether you are looking to add a spark of excitement to your garden party or you’re wowing clients at your next corporate event, adding a bespoke maze is a fun way to get everybody talking and even getting a certain message across to your customers/guests.

In this blog we are going to show you the a-MAZE-ing things you can do with a Rentamaze, where you may have seen our fabulous mazes before and some FAQ’s to help you decide which maze is right for you!

Why should I Hire a Maze for my event?

Not only are hedge mazes physically great fun but they look great too! The themes and ways to utilize a maze are endless and since they are fun for all ages, can be used in almost any setting.

If you’re running a charity event then our “branded” options can be used to correspond your message, while creating an income on entry fee or even raising money for a charity you may support. If, instead, you are running a corporate event or product launch then we are able to incorporate your product inside the maze or even create a bespoke design to be viewed from above in the outline of a logo or brand. Whichever way you want to use the maze, the possibilities are endless, and anything is possible!

Where have our Mazes been seen?

We have completed all types and sizes of mazes, ranging from easter mazes, Halloween mazes to winter wonderland mazes, all creating a really unique and different approach to gaining more publicity for your event. Some of our most notable appearances are:

Lindt & Sprungli: Gold Bunny Campaign

One of the first major brand activations to take place at Westfield London was the magical Lindt meadow and maze, which enchanted children and families who came face-to-face with the Gold Bunny and Master Chocolatiers.

Along with the goal to drive sales throughout the Easter period, this activation included point of sale displays and promotional offers and leveraged a partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The event was without doubt a great success, the public thoroughly enjoyed the maze experience and the shopping centre and client were thrilled with the high level of production.

Trafalgar Square Maze

The West End Partnership was looking for an event to raise worldwide awareness of the area, to ultimately drive visitor numbers in the long run. Together, we created the idea of encouraging people to ‘get lost in the West End’ and take time to explore its lesser-known hidden gems. This was accomplished with a 30 metre square maze constructed in the bustling heart of the area – Trafalgar Square – and remained there for a week. Along each pathway, dozens of interesting lesser-known facts about the culture and history of the West End were highlighted on specially-made world-famous blue plaques.

This impressive maze generated over 220 pieces of coverage, worth £4 million, with a circulation of 602 million! Coverage appeared in key markets such as the US, China, mainland Europe, New Zealand and Russia as well as the UK.

“Giant maze pops up in London’s Trafalgar Square – People visiting London’s Trafalgar Square are being urged to get lost in a temporary maze.”


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Deliver To?

RentaMaze will deliver living hedge maze nationwide, both inside and outside, to give a fully living hedge maze, installed within hours of arrival! You don’t need to worry as our Hedgeforce team offers the complete package when it comes to renting one of our massive or mini mazes for your event, from build up, installation and break down.

What preparations do I need to make for my Maze Rental?

When renting one of our large or mini mazes, the Hedgeforce team will give you bespoke guidance on what needs to be done (depending on your location/venue), how we operate when on site and all of the procedures to ensure everything is done to the highest standard. For more information, you can read our planting services page and delivery options page to see how our team works.

Alongside our mazes, we can also incorporate trees and topiary into the hedge maze to give you an even better experience exploring the round maze, through every twist and turn. Contact us today to discuss your options and see how we can add that extra touch to your event or party.