New Hedgeforce Website – All of Your Instant Hedge and Hedge Mazes In One Place

Hedgeforce have turned over a new leaf and with our new website you can now find all of our Instahedge, Rentahedge and Rentamaze services all in one place! A lot has changed since we opened our doors back in 2004, not only have we helped create many projects and bespoke experiences but our range of products grows year after year!

Whether you’re looking for natural, instant hedging to create a living boundary or want to add a splash of nature to your venue with our range of topiary trees and rented hedging, the Hedgeforce team are here and happy to help you create the natural environment you desire. Let’s dive into what we offer…

Instahedge – Planting for Privacy

Imagine your garden with the hedging already grown, trees looking like they have been growing there for years, when really they have only been a couple of days. It’s your dream outdoor space made in a fraction of the time. With our Instahedge products you’re not just buying a hedge, you’re buying time!

Instant hedging plants are available in many different species and sizes. Evergreen hedging such as our Laurel Hedging will offer all-year-round coverage and deep green colours, as well as deciduous hedging which have a beautiful autumn colour and foliage.

We supply high quality plants that provide beautiful results immediately on planting, creating beautiful green areas that are often used to provide privacy for many gardens and enhance the desired views in gardens. We look forward to hearing from you and making your garden dreams a reality.

Rentahedge – The perfect temporary addition to your event

When you have spent weeks or months planning and preparing for a special event, whether it’s a corporate or private function, you want everything to be perfect. The goal is to WOW your guests and audience with something a little different. This is where we come in. With our range of trees, hedging of all sizes, large topiary and bespoke planters, Hedgeforce offer you an ideal and original way to decorate your venue, create picturesque backdrops or even section out your space. Perfect for screening off areas or even directing people along walkways, our hedges will provide you with the natural aesthetic you desire.

There are 2 heights to choose from in the RentaHedge range, either a 1.4m high hedge (which you can see over) or a 2.4m hedge (that you cannot see over). This gives you a range of applications that our hedging can be used on, such as equestrian events, screening off areas and creating natural-looking backdrops.

Rentamaze – a-MAZE-ing spaces

Not only are hedge mazes physically great fun but they look great too! The themes and ways to utilise a maze are endless and since they are fun for all ages, can be used in almost any setting.

Our Maze products (hedging being our speciality) along with semi-mature trees, classical topiary, natural weathered stone, pleached and espalier trees will help you to build a truly unique visitor experience that creates curiosity and adventure, while corresponding your message in a fun way. Our Mazes are designed with your customer in mind, whether it’s for everyone or just children and every event can be themed and customised to give a completely different experience.

All of our woodlands are managed by experienced members of our team and we ensure that they are managed in a sustainable way is crucial to the longevity of the natural environment, both for production and retaining as many natural habits for existing wildlife. So, whether it be the knowledge and expertise of planting instant hedging, pleached trees or creating a maze on your event, our team has completed many projects over the years.

Contact us today to let us grow your little corner of nature for you.