Planting for Privacy – Instant Hedges For Your Garden

On the fence about planting a privacy hedge? Well you don’t need to be anymore. An instant privacy hedge can turn your gardens into your own, private, luxury space for you, your family and guests to enjoy.

What are the benefits of planting for privacy?

Planting an instant hedge can completely transform your outdoor area and provides a fast and complete renovation of your outdoor space that instantly defines boundaries, creating privacy and screening your garden.

This low maintenance, instant security solution is perfect for anyone seeking an immediate and impressive impact, mature, instant hedging units and screens, which are suitable for planting all year round. If you are looking for an extra layer of protection then our evergreen Holly Hedging plant that has spiky leaves, small flowers and showy berries in autumn is ideal for screening. Looking for a more all-round solution? Then the Laurel Hedge gives you the best of both worlds. It is fully evergreen all year round, has a big glossy leaf which gives it a bit more of a sleek look and, due to the bushiness of the plant, offers a great place for birds to nest in throughout the year.

What do we recommend?

If you don’t have a green thumb then sometimes there can be just too many options to choose from and without the right guidance or research, you can feel like you’re in a bit of a maze (get it?). Try not to worry, here are our top 3 picks and their benefits…The Beech

    1. Instant Hedge
      Beech is a large, vigorous hedge with a broad, spreading crown and is a great type of hedge for the garden. Its leaves are broadly elliptic, yellow-green in spring, rich russet-brown in autumn and even flowers small, green, followed by bristly fruits. This is perfect for garden parties and outdoor events as it is a semi-evergreen hedging, without just being green all year round.
      Just how big will a Beech Instant Hedge grow? Even though it is one of the slower-growing trees, it can reach a height of up to 3 metres high! Perfect for adding boundaries to any outdoor space.
    2. Hornbeam Instant Hedge
      Hornbeam hedging is a faster growing hedge than Beech, so if you are looking to grow taller hedging it can be a good option as the results will come quicker. Similar in appearance to the Beech hedge, Hornbeam makes an excellent specimen tree or hedging plant. Although it is semi-evergreen, it retains its coppery dead leaves throughout the winter so it remains an effective screen. This instant-hedge is a sturdy plant which can grow in a range of soils to quickly establish and become less vulnerable to the elements.What height can a Hornbeam hedging grow? It can be trimmed and cut to any height (and is popular with those who like to shape and style their garden hedges) but if left to grow, it will evolve into a medium to large majestic type tree at 8 metres upwards tall.
    3. Laurel Instant Hedge
      The Laurel instant hedge is fully evergreen all year round and has a big glossy leaf. Due to the bushiness of the plant it provides an ideal home for birds to nest in throughout the year (which is ideal for nature lovers). During the spring it has a beautiful white and yellow flower with a fresh green leaf and some even have edible fruit in autumn.
      How high can a Laurel grow? The Laurel Hedge is one of the smaller trees that you can add to your garden, reaching heights of up to 2.5 meters tall. These hedges are popular with outlining certain areas of your outdoor space or front gardens.

So why are more and more households choosing Instant Hedges? Well, not only is the additional level of security important for families and home-owners but they give you the opportunity to build a little corner of luxury in your garden. If you are adding to an existing garden or starting a new one, take out the waiting time and get the key areas of your garden instantly planted up and start enjoying it now! Contact our team today and let’s create your dream outdoor space together!